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11 November, 2020

Rising up to take control of our lives

'Politicians that are elected can just as easily be unelected, but we need to use our people power and refuse to be beaten down by those who seek to control us.'

By Tricia Agar COLUMNIST

Tricia Agar and her husband Jeff.
Tricia Agar and her husband Jeff.

It is with great excitement that I write this column in the newest rural magazine – the Rural Leader. After the demise of the Rural Weekly, many of us in rural Australia were hoping that an independent publication would arise out of the ashes of the winter of newsprint discontent.


By the time you read this, the most important US election in history of the world along with our very critical Queensland elections, should both be over.


The ramifications of both of these pivotal events for many people will only be clarified, when viewed in a rear-vision mirror, with the fulness of time bringing into focus the depths of change that the globe has been rushing toward at a break-neck pace.


Being able to discern the signs of the times is not for the faint hearted. Having an enquiring mind is frowned upon today as ridding the world of independent thinkers, has been the focus of the global agenda for many decades.


Main-stream media has made an industry out of exerting mind control upon the unwitting viewing public, dumbing down the current generation has become big business. As President Trump has aptly coined the phrase “fake news” and has proceeded to call out at every turn, the insidious machine of lies and deception in the effort to focus the public’s attention that they are being played by these ruthless agents of spin.


Sadly, many people are unsuspecting and have been duped by the media, politicians, bureaucrats, and globalists. The big end of town is playing a deadly game and the pawns, are the gullible public.


Using fear is an age-old ruse of war. The people have been conditioned in the past decades to accept without question directions from politicians, bureaucrats and the police. The unrelenting bombardment of fear-based images about the coronavirus via the media, has been as frequent as the mortar fire upon the battlefield of the Somme in WWI.


The relentless missive which seeks to re-enforce the perceived deadliness of the coronavirus, which apparently is lurking waiting to jump on poor unsuspecting souls from door handles, lift buttons, funerals, churches and weddings, but not from football stadiums packed with people or race-meetings, Bunnings, Coles or Woolworths.


Governments using the cloak of protecting people from the “pandemic” have ripped away our personal freedoms and human rights as easily as pealing a banana, using the threat of arrest, forcing the citizens into being prisoners in their homes all under the guise of public safety and “stopping” the China-virus.


I find it astounding the numbers of people that have blindly followed the advice given by politicians and officials during the COVID-19 “pandemic” all the while chanting the mantra – we must stay home to stay safe, and then proceed to thank these same freedom-destroying politicians for “protecting” them.


Even when there are proven cures for COVID-19, the media along with their partners in crime – the UN, governments, bureaucracies and the globalists, are hiding these medicines from the public in a huge cover-up in order to usher in a global economic and social re-set, determined to bring in a new world order, that favours the privileged and renders the vast bulk of the world population powerless, shifting the money and the control from the people into the hands of the elite.


Consider if you will those who have suffered the most in the past eight months. The elderly in nursing homes who have been left defenceless and mostly dying of broken hearts as they have been denied being visited by their families in their twilight years, locked inside against their will and yet being denied the proven medicinal treatment for COVID-19 – hydroxychloroquine (now banned with the threat of jail sentence in Queensland and Victoria) and Ivermectin – two very cheap and readily available drugs.


Small business, the engine room of our economy has been thrown onto the rubbish heap, left to wither and die as quickly as a sun-shower in December, while the government proceeded to lock up and lock down the nation and sent the economy spiralling into a recession that we didn’t have to have.


It appears that governments would rather see the economy go to the dogs, then put a halt to the madness of this virus that has cures, and when correctly reported, has had no worse effect on the bulk of the world population, then influenza.


I believe it is the time for us to shake off the shackles of panic and start to embrace our lives as the future generations depend upon the actions that we take today. We need to rise up and force governments back into their place – for the people, of the people by the people, and refusing to have our democracy plundered.


Politicians that are elected can just as easily be unelected, but we need to use our people power and refuse to be beaten down by those who seek to control us.


Tricia Agar and her family run a wool and cattle operation at Wyandra. Tricia is the founder of the popular Bush Kids Facebook page and has a keen interest in promoting the bush culture and helping to provide links between the city and country. Tricia also runs The Bush Store that sells unique, Australian-made handbags and accessories.

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