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3 September, 2020

Public Service decisions silly as a mob of sheep

A VICTORIAN sheep grazier has this week been informed that to take her 40 fat lambs to market, they should be loaded not onto a livestock truck, but a plane, in yet another case of red-tape stupidity surrounding the Covid-19 border closures.

On Monday, Shirley Sprenger Cheshire of Burrowye, Victoria, telephoned Service NSW to apply for a permit to enter the state from Victoria. Ms Cheshire sought to transport sheep from her address a few hundred metres out of the border zone, to Corowa sheep yards in NSW.

“Corowa is just over the river and in the border zone,” Ms Cheshire said.

“However, what ensued has left a very bitter taste in my mouth, and every politician needs to hear about it.”

Service NSW informed Ms Cheshire she would need to enter the state via Sydney as she resided outside the border zone.

“Effectively, this meant we were expected to take a load of lambs by plane to Corowa,” Ms Cheshire said.

“My husband and I explained that we were farmers on the border, and quizzed Service NSW as to if they truly required this. Their answer was ‘yes.’”

“We asked if they expected us to drive six hours to Melbourne with 40 sheep, put them on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney, and then again transport them to Corowa Sheep Market on the border,” Ms Cheshire said.

“Their answer was yes and yes.”

The issue prompted Ms Cheshire to call for the NSW-Victorian and NSW-Queensland borders to be reopened to all primary producers.

“Daniel Andrews promised the people of Victoria they would still be able to buy meat,” Ms Cheshire said.

“If he allows this stupidity to continue, they won’t be getting lamb.

“MLA needs to get onto this right now, before it becomes a serious animal welfare issue,” Ms Cheshire said. 

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