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4 November, 2020

My Smoko Break: Practical custard patty cakes

Hayley Maudsley of My Smoko Break is a successful author, having published two recipe books in recent years.

By Hayley Maudsley MY SMOKO BREAK

HAYLEY Maudsley lives and works on a property in Queensland’s Wide Bay with her husband John and their three young children, Heidi, Gus and Charlie.

Hayley is a successful author, having published two recipe books in recent years. She previously contributed weekly column for the Rural Weekly and runs her popular Facebook page My Smoko Break, which has 140,000 enthusiastic followers.

Hayley initially developed My Smoko Break to try out the recipes she kept seeing and showed the real world how they turned out in a regular kitchen.

“I am always baking, cleaning, crafting, sewing, doing all the things an old-fashioned stay-at-home-mother does.

“Not to be old-fashioned, but because I enjoy doing all things.

“So, I just decided that I would pop a few home tips and ideas and recipes up that I found useful and for me to revert back to for quick reference and also for others.”

She’s surprised by the online response and the fact her inbox is often overflowing with messages from readers wanting advice, or a recipe they’ve seen on her page.

“It’s all very humbling and also social, which again, is why I started this.”

Hayley’s column will continue to be a regular feature in the Rural Leader thanks to the page sponsor Coco & Blush.

Got a question for Hayley? You can message her via the My Smoko Break Facebook page or email


Let’s start off with a practical recipe of mine for custard patty cakes.

They hold up well rattling around in the tucker box, they get bashed around in the school lunch bags, yet they can also be dainty for a tea party when served with piped icing on top.

They also work extremely well made into butterfly cakes (which is an overfull patty paper pan, cut the top off and slice the top in half, top the patty cake with fresh whipped cream and place a half of each top onto the sides of the top, giving it the butterfly effect).

For this instance (photographed) I made these for my son’s birthday celebrations to share with his classmates and for a week’s worth of lunchbox morning teas.

This recipe will make you exactly 24 normal size patty cakes.

 You will need:

·         250g of margarine or butter

·         2 cups of sugar (I only ever have raw, but I am sure white sugar will work just as well)

·         2 cups of self-raising flour

·         1/3 cup of custard powder

·         1 cup of milk

·         4 eggs

·         2 capfuls of vanilla essence/extract

Very simple and easy, anyone can make it, preheat a fan forced oven to 180 degrees, arrange your patty cake papers in muffin pans to prepare for baking and then just cream the butter or margarine (whichever you decide to use) and the sugar together in an electric mixer, and then proceed to gradually add all the remaining ingredients to the mixer and mix well until combined.

Place the mixture into each patty pan until half full, and place in the oven to bake for 15-20 minutes, until fluffy and brown.

For a delicious icing to top it off, combine one 250g packet of cream cheese icing with ½ a cup of butter (don’t use margarine here – make sure you use butter), 3 ½ cups of icing sugar, 1 tablespoon of milk and 2 capfuls of vanilla essence/extract again.

Mix well in an electric mixer and ice onto cool cakes.

You will have lots left over, but I like to leave a container of this icing in the fridge for any other cakes I might make up and it lasts for ages.


A waste free and easy way to cut kiwi fruit is simple. 

First cut each end of the kiwi fruit with a sharp knife, then stand the fruit upright and gently slide a teaspoon around the edges of it moving it gently between the skin and the fruit itself until loosen up, then flip over and repeat on the other side, it will then slide out leaving you with the skin intact. 

Slice, eat, enjoy, repeat! 



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