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2 October, 2020

TopX woman twice a winner

WHEN Dangarfield Santa Gertrudis stud principal Ben Adams asked Sarah Packer if she would step-up to the rostrum at their 32nd annual bull sale, it was an offer the TopX Roma livestock agent could not refuse.


And on Wednesday of last week, Ms Packer wrote herself into the history books at Taroom when she became the first female auctioneer to sell stud stock in Australia.

Ms Packer said she was nervous ahead of the sale, but confident she would enjoy herself.

“Nerves are a good thing and I knew that was coming. 

"I had enough advice from a few different people, so hopefully it came across alright,” Ms Packer said. 

Coming up under TopX Australia owner Cyril Close, this was not the first time Ms Packer had broken the glass ceiling.

In 2017 she became the first woman to compete in the Queensland Young Auctioneers Competition.

“The Young Auctioneers Competition was a massive opportunity for me,” Ms Packer said.

“It provided huge insight into my trade and I learnt a new style of selling through the ring at Queensland’s Royal Show.

“Their ALPA school in Rockhampton was also a great training ground.”

While auctioneering might be a traditionally male-dominated industry, Miss Packer said she didn’t really look at it that way.

“I see myself in a position where I need to prove myself like everyone else in the industry,” she said.

“Starting out can feel uncomfortable, male or female, but it’s important to move forward.

“Its about holding your own, and saying yes to every opportunity,” Ms Packer said.

Ben Adams said Dangarfield was always keen to give young people a go.

“She’s a damn good agent,” Mr Adams said.

“I don’t go to the Roma Saleyards, but it’s clear she knows her cattle and is confident in what she’s doing.”

After selling a run of 13 bulls to a top of $18,000 and average of $9,846 – above the overall sale average of $9,197 – Mr Adams said they’d definitely be seeing Ms Packer up on the selling platform again.




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