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13 November, 2020

Price records continue to fall at Roma



MAA Agent Sam Scott with a pen of Les Baker mickey bulls, that sold to 624c/kg to reach a top of $1,088.


(November 5 report)

Numbers fell to 1,600 head last week at the Blackall Prime and Store sale, with a mixed quality yarding and buyers very selective on store cattle. Export buyers were active on prime cattle, which held firm on previous weeks with heavy cows selling to 326.2c. 

Prices for feeder and store cattle could not maintain the averages seen at the previous weaner sale. 

Lightweight restocker steers under 280kg saw a top of 560.2c, to average 460c/kg. Restocker steers 280 to 330kg made to 444.2c, to average 425c/kg. Medium weight steers 330 to 400kg made to an isolated 434.2c for steers returning to the paddock, while limited numbers of steers to feed made to 400c, averaging 384c/kg. Heavy yearling feeder steers were in short supply, selling to 400c to average 380c/kg. 

Lightweight restocker heifers under 280kg made to an isolated 542.2c, with most around 402c/kg. Medium feeder heifers made to 373c, to average 366c, while heavy heifers to kill sold to a top of 335.2c/kg. 

PTIC cows returning to the paddock made to 311.2c, whilst medium cows to kill held firm, selling to 310.2c and averaging 294c. Heavy cows made to 326.2c to average 312c/kg. 

Heavy bulls sold to 318c to average 306c/kg.


(November 5 report)

Numbers increased by 800 to 1,936 head last week at Emerald. Overall, this was a very good offering, especially in the feeder and light weaner sections. Cattle were drawn from local areas and north to Mount Coolon and Nebo. Competition came from the normal processors and feeders, with some new restocker interest. 

Calves topped at 481c, returning mixed sex averages from 418c to 461c/kg. 

Representative samples of light yearling steers to restockers averaged from 449c to 522c, whilst medium and heavy pens averaged from 403c to 422c/kg. 

Yearling heifers 200 to 280kg sold to a top of 495c, at times averaging between 444c and 491c for lightweight pens, and between 376c and 406c/kg for medium and heavy lots. 

Large runs of well-bred grown steers to feed sold to 402c to average 393c, with heavy pens to processors making to a top of 383c and averaging between 377c to 380c/kg. 

Grown heifers went to feed at 365c to 380c/kg on average. Those taken by the trade averaged from 352c to 367c/kg. 

Heavy four-score cows topped at 320c to average 311c/kg. 

Heavy bulls to live export averaged 341c, and those to processors averaged 338c/kg with the best making 371c/kg. 

A small offering of very well-framed cows with calves at foot made from $1,950 to $2,320 a unit.


(November 4 report

There were 3,280 cattle yarded at CQLX Gracemere last week, increasing by 514 on the previous sale. Cattle came from vendors between Collinsville and Bowen to the north, and most local areas. The offering was of fair quality and included the best-bred lines together with some very plain quality and conditioned cattle from coastal districts. There was only a small offering of cows. All regular buyers were present, however in many categories prices eased on the previous week’s high rates. 

Light restocker steer calves made to a top of 568c, averaging 521c/kg for mixed sexes. A large sample of light yearling steers averaged 455c, with the top making to 527c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers averaged 428c, with the heavy pens returning averages between 399c and 413c/kg. Restockers were at the top of the market in all weight ranges. 

Yearling heifers made to 449c/kg again to restockers, returning averages between 372c and 429c for light pens, with medium and heavy pens averaging from 363c to 396c/kg. 

Grown steers topped at 401c to feed, to average 394c for light pens and 386c/kg for heavy pens over 500 kg. Small numbers of grown heifers to feed made to 397c/kg. Two-score cows sold to 288c, to an improved average of 252c to 285c, with the heavy four-score cows selling to 312c and averaging 300c/kg. 

Heavy bulls to live export sold to 399c, to average 387c/kg. 


(November 10 report)

Numbers fell to 4,957 head at the Roma Store Sale on Tuesday, down from last week by 1,534. Cattle were drawn from the usual supply area. A larger number of vendors were represented, with limited large single-vendor lines yarded in the steers, but several quality single-vendor lines of heifers. The overall quality was good. A good buying panel was operating to firm competition, with new southern buyers and all regular processors present.

Strong competition from restockers on a reduced number of lightweight yearling steers saw prices improve by 5c/kg to set new records. Meanwhile medium weight yearling steers under 330kg to restockers improved by 13c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers under 330kg to feed improved by 20c, while those under 400kg improved by 27c/kg. 

Heavy weight cows improved by 2c to 7c/kg. 

Male calves sold to 625.2c, averaging 625c/kg, setting a new record for Roma. 

Lightweight yearling steers under 200kg to restockers sold to 624.2c, averaging 581c/kg. The largest sample made to 574.2c, averaging 495c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers under 330kg to restockers sold to 489.2c, averaging 456c/kg and those under 400kg made to 450.2c to average 434c/kg. Heavyweight yearling steers over 400kg to feed reached a top of 431.2c, averaging 408c/kg. 

Lightweight yearling heifers under 200kg to restockers reached a top of 548.2c, averaging 523c/kg, with the largest sample making to 510.2c, to average 473c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers under 330kg to restockers sold to 482.2c, averaging 464c, while those under 400kg made to 462.2c, averaging 438c/kg.

The best of the grown steers sold to 380.2c, averaging 372c/kg. The best of the grown heifers reached a top of 374.2c to average 340c/kg. 

Medium weight three-score cows sold to a top of 317.2c, averaging 317c/kg. Medium weight four-score cows reached a top of 325.2c to average 325 c/kg. Heavy weight three-score cows made to 318.2c, averaging 316c/kg, while heavy weight four-score cows sold to 327.2c to average 323c/kg. 

The best of the heavy weight bulls made to 353.2c to average 336c/kg. Cows and calves reached a top of $2040/unit.


(November 10 report)

Numbers increased by 238 head to 958 at Warwick on Tuesday. All the regular export processors were present and operating, along with increased support from feeder operators as well as local and interstate restockers. The market was firm to generally dearer across a number of classes. Lightweight yearling steers and heifers were keenly sought after by local and interstate restockers. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed in large numbers sold to very spirited competition. Yearling heifers to feed once again experienced strong support. Heavy grown steers and bullocks to export processors experienced very little change in price. Heavy weight cows improved by 6c/kg, and more in places. 

Yearling steers under 280kg sold to restockers to a top of 532c, averaging 493c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged between 438c and 441c and made to 463c/kg. A large sample of heavy weight feeder steers sold to 452c, averaging 421c/kg. 

Lightweight yearling heifers to restockers made to 538.2c, averaging 496c/kg. Feeder heifers for the domestic trade made to 446c to average 427c/kg. Heavy weight feeder heifers sold to 405c, with several pens to the wholesale trade at 407c to average 385c/kg. 

Well-finished heavy grown steers and bullocks sold to a top of 390c, averaging 374c/kg. Medium weight cows sold to restockers to 300c, averaging 294c/kg. Good heavy weight cows sold to processors at 337.2c, averaging 331c/kg. 

Medium weight bulls sold to a top of 398c, with heavy weight bulls making to 354c/kg. 


(November 4 report)

Numbers increased to a total of 1,162 at Warwick last week, with the breakup being 821 lambs and 341 grown sheep. The regular processors, butchers and wholesalers were present and operating along with increased numbers of restocker and feeder operators. All were keen to purchase the extra numbers of well-finished lambs along with a larger offering of quality store lambs. 

New season young lambs sold to the trade to a top of $170, and to restockers at $150, to average $144/head. Lightweight trade lambs sold to the trade from $130 to $169/head, and to restockers at $175. Medium weight trade lambs sold to butchers at $200, and to feeder operators at $186 to $204/head. Heavy weight lambs sold to processors to a top of $222, averaging $191/head. Ram lambs to the trade sold to a top of $151/head, and those to restockers made to $213/head.

Hoggets sold to processors for $170, and to restockers between $129 and $168. Young wethers along with young ewes sold to restockers from $120 to $187/head. 

Full-mouth ewes sold to restockers between $88 and $116, and to processors to a top of $149/head. 

Heavy weight wethers sold to processors to a top of $170/head.

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