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30 October, 2020

MARKET REPORT: Weaner steers hit 616c/kg ($1,053av) at Roma stores


Elders Roma agent, Brady Jackson, with a pen of Brown Grazing weaner bulls that sold to 614c/kg, reaching a top of $1,019 to average $1,019.

A TOTAL of 3,754 head of cattle were consigned at Roma's store sale on Tuesday.

Weaner steers under 220kg topped at 616c and averaged 543c, weaner steers 220-280kg reached 584c and averaged 504c. Steers 280-350kg reached 488c and averaged 439c, and steers 350kg-400kg reached 456c and averaged 422c. Feeder steers 400-550kg topped at 440c and averaged 394c. Cows and calves hit $2,200 per unit.

S. Kidman and Co, Rockybank Station, Roma, sold crossbred steers to 616c, reaching $1,179 to average $1,053. Brown Grazing, Farewell Station, Winton, sold Santa bulls to 614c, reaching $1,536 to average $1,037.

Full market report follows.


Editor's note: The Rural Leader would like to advise readers some reports may be from the previous week's sale due to our print deadline. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 


(October 22 report) 

LAST WEEK's Blackall Prime and Store sale saw numbers hold steady at 1,450 head. Quality remained mixed, however local and interstate re-stockers were very active on quality vendor-bred lines of lightweight steers and PTIC cows and heifers.  

Heavy feeders saw a slight increase on the week prior, but numbers were limited. Cows and steers to the processor sold from 5c to 8c/kg dearer. A large single vendor line of PTIC cows and heifers sold to 336.2c/kg.  

Lightweight re-stocker steers weighing up to 280kg sold to 506.2c to average 488c/kg. Good quality steers weighing from 280 to 330kg sold to an isolated 506.2kg with most around 413c and heavy feeder steers topped at 386c/kg. Light weight re-stocker heifers sold to 484.2c to average 395c/kg. Heifers weighing from 280 to 330kg returning to the paddock sold to 400c, averaging 354c and heifers to feed sold to 355c/kg. Heavy heifers to kill sold to 358.2c to average 30c dearer at 347c/kg. Medium cows sold to 315.2c to average 295c and good heavy cows sold to 320.2c to average 315c/kg. Heavy bulls sold to 320.2c/kg. 


(October 22 report) 

NUMBERS increased by 378 to 1,941 head at Emerald last week, with most cattle drawn from the local area. Again, there was extra re-stocker interested along with the normal feeders and processors. Yarding values varied relative to the quality on offer, to remain fully firm or improved in some categories.  

Calves sold to a top of 525c, returning an average from 459c to 477c/kg for mixed sexes. Light yearling steers made to 525c to average from 460c to 483c, with medium and heavy pens selling mostly to re-stockers, to average from 386c to 437c/kg. Yearling heifers sold to 453c, averaging from 370c to 428c, with the medium and heavy pens averaging from 352c to 393c/kg. Grown steers to feed, averaged from 392c to 399c with processors paying to 349c/kg as an average for theirs. Grown heifers sold to feed, averaged from 336c to 367c whilst those to the trade made from 337c to 350c/kg.  

Two score cows sold to 270c and the heavy 4 score cows made to 295c, to average 284c/kg. Heavy bulls averaged 304c to live export and 303c/kg to processors. 


(October 27 report) 

PRICES ROSE while cattle numbers fell by 962 to 3,754 head at the Roma store sale, after recent isolated storms across the region. Cattle were drawn from the usual supply area and overall quality was varied with steers and heifers yarded in similar numbers. A full buying panel was present and operating to very strong competition. Prices continued their upward trend with new records set yet again, as the $6/kg mark was reached several times for lightweight steers, and lightweight heifers also setting record prices.  

Lightweight yearling steers improved by 11c and medium weight yearling steers to feed improved by 6c to 20c. Heavyweight yearling steers to feed improved by 11c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers rose by 2c and medium weight yearling heifers to feed rose by 3c. Heavy weight heifers to processors rose by 16c. Processor competition also saw improvements for cows with medium weight cows improving by 8c to 9c and heavy weight cows by 9c.  

Lightweight yearling steers under 200kg sold to re-stockers to a record 616.2c, averaging 570c/kg. The largest sample of light weight yearling steers under 280kg to re-stockers made to 584.2c, averaging 516c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers under 330kg to feed sold to 488.2c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers under 400kg to feed made to 456.2c to average 433c/kg. Heavyweight yearling steers over 400kg to feed reached a top of 440.2c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers under 200kg sold to re-stockers to a record top of 594.2c to average 547c/kg, as buyers sought frame over condition. The largest sample of lightweight yearling heifers under 280kg to re-stockers made to 536.2c, averaging 483c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers under 330kg sold to re-stockers to 448.2c to average 424c, while medium weight yearling heifers under 400kg to feed made to 446.2c to average 430c/kg. Heavyweight yearling heifers over 400kg to feed reached a top of 400.2c to average 400c/kg. The largest sample of grown heifers reached a top of 380.2c to average 355c/kg. The best of the grown steers to feed sold to 406.2c/kg.  

Re-stocker competition for cows saw medium weight cows reach a top of 327.2c to average 298c/kg, while heavy weight cows also sold to re-stockers at 327.2c/kg. Medium weight 3 score cows to processors sold to a top of 318.2c, averaging 308c/kg while heavy weight 3 score cows made to 318.2c to average 313c/kg. Heavyweight 4 score cows sold to 321.2c/kg. Cows and calves reached a top of $2,200/unit. The best of the heavyweight bulls made to 355.2c/kg.  


(October 27 report) 

THIS WEEK the supply of stock at Warwick reduced by 62 to 795 head. Export buyer attendance was good with a return to a full panel of export processors, along with the regular feeder operators and local and interstate re-stockers. Prices improved across most classes.  

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock improved by 18c/kg. Yearling steers to feed for the domestic market averaged 14c better and heavy weight yearling steers to feed improved by 8c/kg. Yearling heifers to re-stockers and feed also fetched very strong support. Heavy grown steers and bullocks to export processors averaged 10c to 11c/kg dearer. All classes of cows sold to a much dearer trend, with re-stocker lines improving in price by more than 30c. Heavy weight cows to processers averaged 10c to 14c/kg better.  

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 498c with occasional sales to 576c/kg. Yearling steers to feed for the domestic market averaged from 442c to 450c and sold to 476c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed averaged 415c and made to a top of 422c/kg. The occasional pen to the trade sold to 430c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers to re-stockers or backgrounders made to 510c with a good sample of light weight yearling heifers averaging from 434c to 450c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 434c and made to a top of 449c/kg. Heavy grown steers to export processors averaged 380c with the occasional heavy weight over 750kg making to 389c/kg.  

Medium weight plain condition cows returning to the paddock sold to a new high of 358c to average 312c/kg. Good heavy weight cows to export processors averaged 322c and made to 327c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 321c/kg. 


(October 21 report) 

THERE WAS a small increase in numbers to 975 at Warwick last week, with 757 lambs and 218 sheep penned. Increased numbers of well-finished trade and young lambs sold to a full panel of butchers and wholesalers, helped along by large numbers of re-stocker and feeder buyers eager to purchase the ewe portion of the yarding.  

Young lambs returning to the paddock made to $151 and sold to the trade for $170/head. There was an increase in numbers as well as finish of the medium and heavy lambs, with sales to the trade at $191 to average $180/head. A pen of ewe lambs returned to the paddock at $202 with an average of $177/head. Heavyweight lambs in larger numbers sold to processors at $205, with the ewe portion reaching $250/head. There were only a handful of hoggets on offer that sold to processors for $175 with an average of $151, and re-stockers paid to $190/head for the ewes. Extra numbers of full mouth 3 and 4 score ewes were on offer and these sold to processors at a top of $168 and averaged $150. Re-stockers were also active on the ewes with several pens returning to the paddock from $137 to $160/head. Only a handful of wethers were on offer and sold to processors at $158/head. Rams sold to processors for $152/head. Ewes and lambs made $262/unit.   

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