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9 October, 2020

MARKET REPORT: Restocker steers hit 504.2c/kg at Blackall

Harry Phillips, Savage Barker and Backhouse/ GDL with G and J Vella Family Trust, Baldhills Station Marlborough, with Brangus steers that sold for 412.2 cents per kilo, and averaged 344.6kg to return $1,365.70 per head

Editor’s note: The Rural Leader would like to advise readers some reports may be from the previous week’s sale due to our print deadline. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


(October 1 report)

A total of 2,920 head were yarded at the Blackall Prime and Store sale.

Despite a mixed quality yarding, export buyers competed strongly in a generally dearer market up 20c to 30c on heavy 3 score cows and heifers to the processor.

Feeder cattle improved and there was good competition from local restockers.

Lightweight restocker steers sold to 504.2c to average 469c for steers under 200kg, while the 200 to 280kg steers sold to 494.2c to average 448c/kg.

Medium weight feeder steers sold to 410c/kg. Heavyweight feeder steers sold to 400.2c to average 388c/kg.

Lightweight restocker heifers under 200kg topped at 468.2c to average 421c for the better lines and feeder heifers sold to 384.2c averaging 342c/kg. Grown heifers to the kill sold to 354.2c to average 333c/kg.

Medium cows made to 304.2c to average 275c and good heavy cows topped at 312.2c to average 290c/kg.


(September 30 report)

A reduced yarding of 2,420 cattle was presented in Charters Towers, 165 fewer than the last sale due to two live export orders in progress.

Quality was very mixed with several northern lines of young males and bulls. However, there were some very good small lines of prime cows and bullocks on offer.

The regular buyer panel was in attendance and operating at increased rates, particularly in better-bred heavier lines.

Cows improved by 5c to 7c and heavy bullocks averaged up to 15c/kg higher than the last sale, while good quality bulls to live export sold firm.

Cattle were drawn from Burketown, Doomadgee, Palmerston, Richmond, Hughenden, local and coastal areas.

A small number of steer calves returning to the paddock sold to 400.2c, as did vealer steers to average 385c/kg.

Vealer heifers to processors made to 374.2c to average 367c, while restocker lines reached 340.2c to average from 324c to 336c/kg.

Heifers to feed reached 340.2c with most selling from 320c to 334c/kg. 

Yearling steers above 330kg to live export sold to 358.2c, while well-bred steers to feed mostly sold from 345c to 364c/kg.

Grown steers to live export topped at 344.2c to average 338c, while processors paid to 344.2c to average 341c/kg.

Grown heifers were of very mixed quality and weight, with heavy heifers to the trade selling to an isolated 322.2c, with the majority averaging 265c/kg.

Grown heifers to restockers sold to 300.2c to average near 276c/kg.

Heavy bullocks to export slaughter topped at 360.2c, with most sales above 348c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows to processors sold to 270.2c to average 253c and 3 score cows topped at 300.2c to average from 270c to 280c/kg.

Prime heavy weight cows reached 307.2c for a single cow, with most selling from 288c to 295c/kg. Heavy bulls to live export reached 344.2c with better types regularly selling above 330c, with many plainer lesser quality pens selling from 270c to 298c/kg.

Bulls 270 to 380kg to feed destined for live export sold to 348.2c to average 280c/kg. Small lines of cows and calves sold from $1,040 to 1,260/unit.


(September 30 report)

There were 3,418 head presented at CQLX Gracemere sale, an increase of 350 on last week.

Parts of the yarding were very mixed, however there were some very well-bred cattle presented in most categories.

The buyer’s gallery included the usual processors along with an increased restocker presence.

The good competition increased prices in many categories throughout the sale.

Calves improved, selling to 447c to average from 410c to 425c/kg for mixed sexes. Yearling steers sold to a top of 459c for lightweight pens with a large sample averaging 430c and most weight ranges averaging from 369c to 415c/kg.

Yearling heifers were the big improvers on the day with sales to 433c to average from 409c to 411c/kg for light weights.

Plain light weights and other heavier weights averaged 363c to 384c/kg.

Grown steers to feeders averaged from 334c to 384c relative to breeding, whilst processors averaged 326c/kg.

Lot feeders paid to 395c to average 333c/kg for a large sample of grown heifers.

Grown heifers to the trade sold to finish related averages from 284c to 333c/kg.

Two score cows made to 276c to average 268c with the heavy 4 score cows reaching 280c to record a 272c/kg average.

Heavy bulls mostly sold to live export to average 321c/kg.  A small penning of cows and calves made from $1,400 to $1,775/unit.


(October 1 report)

A much smaller yarding of 1,332 head was presented at Emerald Sale, 923 less than last week.

The cattle were drawn from local areas mostly and met with good competition from the usual processor and feeder buyers and there were additional restockers present.

Steer calves topped at 445c and mixed sex averages made from 407c to 417c/kg.

Best bred yearling steers in the light division averaged 434c for a large sample with sales to 469c/kg.

Plain lightweights and heavier pens averaged from 362c to 374c/kg.

The best bred, lightweight yearling heifers also continued to sell well reaching a top of 409c and recording a 401c/kg average.

Feeders paid to 384c for their best grown steers averaging 336c to 367c/kg. Bullocks to processors sold to 346c/kg.

Feedlot buyers paid to 348c to average 315c/kg for the majority.

Two score PTIC cows made 311c to restockers whilst those to processors averaged 244c/kg. Heavy 4 score cows topped at 286c to average an improved 279c/kg.

Heavy bulls made to 340c and averaged 334c/kg to live export buyers.


(September 29 report)

Cattle numbers rose to 4,090 at the Roma Store Sale, up from the previous week by 299 head.

Cattle were predominantly drawn from the local supply area and the yarding was again of mixed quality, with steers accounting for almost half the yarding.

There were limited runs of single vendor lines present, with the exception of a large run of PTIC heifers and cows.

A larger buying panel was present, including all regular processors, and buyers were again operating to strong demand.

Prices remained strong with noticeable improvements for secondary cattle and cows. Lightweight steers improved by 53c, while lightweight heifers improved by 24c/kg.

Medium weight cows lifted in price by 9c to 18c, and heavyweight cows improved by 9c to 12c/kg.

The limited number of lightweight yearling steers under 200kg to restockers made to 522.2c to average 490c/kg.

A good sample of lightweight yearling steers under 280kg to restockers also made to 522.2c to average 459c/kg.

Medium weight yearling steers under 330kg to feed sold to 448.2c to average 422c/kg. The largest sample of medium weight yearling steers under 400kg to feed sold to 431.2c to average 406c/kg. Heavyweight yearling steers over 400kg to feed made to a top of 428.2c to average 397c/kg.

Lightweight yearling heifers under 200kg to restockers reached a top of 470.2c to average 435c/kg. The largest sample of lightweight yearling heifers under 280kg to restockers made to 470.2c to average 427c/kg.

Medium weight yearling heifers under 330kg to restockers sold to 442.2c to average 410c, while medium weight yearling heifers under 400kg to feed made to 430.2c to average 392c/kg.

The best of the medium weight grown steers to feed sold to 369.2c to average 363c/kg. PTIC grown heifers over 540kg reached a top of 422.2c to average 401c/kg.

Medium weight 4 score cows made to a top of 305.2c to average 302c/kg.

Heavyweight 3 score cows made to 298.2c to average 291c, while heavyweight 4 score cows made to 312.2c to average 305c/kg. The best of the heavyweight bulls made to 325.2c to average 310c/kg. A larger number of cows and calves were yarded with the best reaching a top of $2340/unit.

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