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19 August, 2020

CQLX cattle market dubbed best in history

“IT’S THE BEST in history” were the words Brian Dawson used to describe the cattle market at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (CQLX) Prime Cattle Sale on Wednesday of last week, following yet another week of strong competition from buyers.


Mr Dawson, of Brian Dawson Auctions, has been an agent at CQLX for more than two decades and said it was a very good time for producers.

“The cattle industry is no different to the share market, we’ve had some ups and downs,” Mr Dawson said, “but right now it is the best I’ve seen it, with the best consistency of results.

“Across the board everything was firm on the previous week’s rates and the market was very strong.”

Mr Dawson said he did not expect to see a change in the market unless good rain was received in coming weeks which could cause things to change and spike again.

Agents yarded 3693 cattle from Nebo, St Lawrence, Monto, Gin Gin, Biloela, Clermont and local areas, with the offering made up of 1698 steers, 1385 heifers, 473 cows, 72 bulls, and 65 cows and calves.

The week’s sale-topping pen of Droughtmaster weaner steers came from Clifton and Alexander, Nankin. They were sold to restockers for 450c/kg at 200kg, to return $900 per head as locals looked to put young cattle back into the paddock after offloading older stock.

Hot competition for weaner steers saw prices reach 448.2c/kg, with A. J. Hobson’s Shorthorn crosses hitting 440c/kg at 242 kg to return $1068 per head.

The Stewart family, Ridgelands, sold Brangus weaner steers for 440c/kg at 284 kg to achieve $1252 per head.

Brahman cross weaner steers from Colin Anderson, Middlemount, also made 430c/kg, weighing 272kg to return $1172 per head.

Medium weight heifers sold to a top of 382c/kg with a pen of Droughtmaster weaner heifers from M. and L. Lingard, Duaringa, hitting 376c/kg at 241kg, to return $906 per head.

A.J. Hobson, Rannes, sold Shorthorn cross heifers for 368c/kg at 249kg, to achieve $917 per head.

Quality, big-framed crossbred cows and calves from M. and M.E. and K.M. Leigh, Koumala, sold for $1950 per unit.

Bulls under 450kg topped at 386.2c/kg.

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