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19 November, 2020

Brangus steers break CQLX record reaching 572c/kg



Ray White Rural Gracemere’s Trevor Humble and Col Goodwin with GJ and LG Eiser’s line of Brangus steers that sold for 572.2c/kg at CQLX. Last Wednesday’s sale marked the fourth consecutive week in which CQLX recorded a new top price.

Editor’s note: The Rural Leader would like to advise readers some reports may be from the previous week’s sale due to our print deadline. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


November 12 report

NUMBERS lifted by 1,500 to 3,000 head at the Blackall Prime and Store Sale on Thursday of last week. Cattle were sourced locally, with some large lines from the northwest. Despite this larger offering, demand for cattle to the processor improved significantly with bullocks selling to 394.2c/kg. Heavy cows gained from 20 to 30c on the previous week and the return of a live export order saw bulls lift 40c. Feeder and store steers held firm to slightly cheaper due to numbers, while feeder heifers held firm. A large line of PTIC cows saw high demand and sold to 380.2c/kg.

Lightweight re-stocker steers under 280kg made to 550c with the majority around 480c/kg. Medium weight feeders sold to 406.2c, to average 398.2c, and limited numbers of heavy feeder steers made to 402.2c, averaging 390c/kg.

Lightweight re-stocker heifers under 280kg made to 512.2c to average 440c, and feeder heifers sold to 380.2c, averaging 368c/kg. Heavy heifers to kill sold to 374.2c, averaging 335c/kg.

Bullocks over 500kg sold to 394.2c/kg.

Medium cows sold to 340.2c, averaging 327c, and good heavy cows sold to 344.2c to average 337c/kg. Heavy bulls sold to 362c/kg. Cows and calves sold to $1,780/unit.


November 11 report

A TOTAL of 2,710 head were penned at CQLX Gracemere last Wednesday, down 570 on the previous sale. Quality was similar to the week prior, with very few light-conditioned cattle offered. Cattle were drawn from across central Queensland, from Theodore to north of Mackay. The usual processors and feeder buyers were present, with an ever changing re-stocker panel.

Steer calves reached 573c/kg with mixed sex averages from 455c to 502c/kg. Large drafts of plainly bred, light yearling steers topped at 535c, averaging 457c/kg, with better-bred lines in a more forward condition. Medium and heavy pens returned averages between 367c and 423c/kg. Light yearling heifers sold to 449c, averaging from 381c to 431c, whilst medium and heavy pens made to a top of 425c and averaged between 385c and 410c/kg.

Grown steers to feed averaged between 371c and 410c, and processors between 357c and 367c/kg. Grown heifers to feed averaged from 359c to 387c/kg, while grown heifers to the trade sold to a top of 365c and averaged between 349c and 358c/kg.

Cows were again present in limited numbers and sold well with two-score cows to feed making to 281c, and re-stockers paying to 287c/kg on average. Heavy four-score cows reached 306c and averaged 2c better at 301c/kg. Heavy bulls averaged 389c to live export and 373c to processors. Cow and calf units made from $1,325 to $1,475/unit.


November 12 report

THE YARDING at Emerald dropped to 1,883 head on Thursday of last week, with the majority drawn from local areas and some from Far North Queensland. Overall quality and condition were good, with just a few plain cattle penned. Good competition came from the usual processors, feeders and live export operators plus a strong line-up of re-stockers. The top prices of the previous sale were not achieved and averages over the yard were back. Processor bullocks were a rare exception to this.

Lightweight yearling steers sold to 499c, to return between 421c and 464c/kg on average. Heavy and medium pens averaged from 373c to 417c/kg.

The best-bred lightweight yearling heifers sold to 440c, averaging between 413c and 431c/kg. Medium and heavy pens sold to average between 362c and 412c/kg. Feeders paid to a top of 417c for heavy grown steers, averaging between 380c and 396c/kg. Finished bullocks to processors improved, to average between 383c and 388c/kg.

Grown heifers to feed averaged from 377c to 398c, with a few plain types averaging to a top of 347c/kg. Heifers to the trade made to 371c, averaging between 325c and 347c/kg. PTIC two-score cows made to 286c, with heavy four-score cows selling to a top of 325c and averaging 307c/kg. Heavy bulls averaged 363c/kg to processors. A pen of cows and calves made $1,580/unit.


November 17 report

NUMBERS rose to 7,088 head at the Roma Store Sale on Tuesday, up from last week by 2,131 head. Cattle were drawn from the usual supply area, with several large quality single- vendor lines yarded. Steers accounted for over half the yarding. A larger buying panel were operating to firm competition, with increased southern and feedlot buyers and all the regular processors. Overall quality of the yarding was good.

Lightweight cattle were present in limited numbers and were the only steer category that eased in price, down by 37c/kg. Lightweight yearling steers under 280kg improved by 15c to 34c, while medium weight steers under 330kg rose by 9c to 34c. The large yarding of medium to heavy feeder steers included quality single-vendor lines and sold to strong demand, improving by 14c to 26c.

Yearling heifers under 280kg to re-stockers made up the largest sample of heifers on the day and improved by 22c. Cows eased across the board. Medium weight cows fell by 2c to 16c, and heavy weight cows by 5c to 11c.

Lightweight yearling steers under 200kg to re-stockers sold to 615.2c, averaging 544c/kg. The largest sample of yearling steers under 280kg to re-stockers made to 604.2c, averaging 510c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers under 330kg to feed sold to 490.2c, averaging 465c/kg. Those under 400kg to feed made to 482.2c to average 448c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers over 400kg to feed reached a top of 450.2c, averaging 434c/kg.

Lightweight yearling heifers under 200kg to re-stockers reached a top of 522.2c, averaging 483c/kg. The largest sample under 280kg to re-stockers made to 522.2c, to average 495c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers under 330kg to re-stockers sold to 446.2c, averaging 421c/kg. The best of the medium weight grown steers sold to 370.2c, averaging 366c/kg. The best of the grown heifers reached a top of 384.2c, averaging 337c/kg. Medium weight store cows to re-stockers sold to 298.2c, averaging 286c, while medium weight three-score cows sold to 314.2c, averaging 301c/kg. Heavy weight three-score cows made to 321.2c, to average 306c/kg. The best of the heavy weight bulls made to 351.2c and averaged 342c/kg. Cows and calves reached a top of $2520/unit.


November 17 report

THERE was a small increase to 1,103 head penned at Warwick on Tuesday. The regular panel of feeder and re-stocker buyers were present and very active. All export processors were present, but not all were operating fully.

Lightweight yearling steers were keenly sought after by re-stockers and reached a new record price for Warwick. Lightweight yearling heifers also received strong competition from re-stockers. Feeder steers and heifers for the domestic market sold to a dearer trend. Heavy grown steers sold to a very solid market, while cows struggled to maintain the improved prices of the previous week.

Lightweight yearling steers sold to re-stockers at the outstanding price of 659.2c to average 546c/kg. Yearling steers between 280 and 330kg sold to 494c, averaging 466c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers sold to 465c, averaging 442c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed made to 437c to average 424c/kg.

Lightweight yearling heifers sold to a top of 588c, with a large sample between 432c and 504c/kg. Heavy weight feeder heifers made to 418c and sold to wholesalers at 395c/kg. Heavy weight grown steers sold to processors at a top of 393c, to average 386c/kg. Heavy weight grown heifers sold to processors at a top of 360c/kg, averaging 347c. Medium weight cows went to re-stockers at 328c, and to processors at an average of 285c/kg. A large sample of heavy weight cows sold to 324c, averaging 316c/kg. Heavy bulls sold to 348c/kg.

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